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TIHS2016: Learn from other

IT IS ONCE AGAIN TIME to come together in Saku Suurhall! The second weekend of October will gather the equestrians from all over Baltia and other parts of Europe. Tallinn International Horse Show has a special place in the hearts of Finnish equestrians and riders. The atmosphere in the arena is warm and everyone is welcome to join the show. That is why we keep coming back each and every year!

My personal relationship for my equestrian friends and collegues in Estonian is also as warm and open as this wonderful show is. I have had the chance to visit in different stables and events in Estonia by past few years. There has been mostly riding schools and training places, but my experience has always been pretty much the same – no one has done their job without a good knowledge. The myth about a bad customer service isn’t that correct that some in Finland might think… At least not in our sports. But ofcourse I’m looking this situation from outside of the national system.

There must be a reason why riders are going from Finland to Estonia for training. From my view the main reason is that there is more international feeling in Estonia. All of the distances are shorter if you are heading deeper to the Europe. In some point you can say that Finland is like a island. We are surrounded by seas and our weather is almost always requiring an indoor arena. Travelling with horses is expensive and time taking. All the good riders in Finland are leaving to Europe. It is the only choice to get closer to the top. Some can make it without any specific plans, but it ain’t easy. So why wouldn’t you start your career from Estonia?


If we should learn something it would be about working with other equestrians.


The first reason why I left years ago to find a trainer from Estonia was that I couldn’t get any trainer who would be suitable for me from Finland in that point. It was an eye opener for me that there is much more that I can learn, different opportunities to develope myself. And when I get something from my journeys I got more and more riders to come with me at the next time! If isn’t too rough to say I think we ain’t getting anywhere in Finland. We are too busy to know what others are doing. In Estonia there are much more motivating events and competitions for young riders. Even though they are in smaller scale. It is more important to put the effort for young riders and starters.

People has been asking from me what should be done for bringing Finnish equestrian knowledge to Estonia. It really depends. I think there should be more exchange between our countries. In Finland we have a good base for equestrian education for grooms, stable workers and trainers. We have a scholary knowledge for horse feeding and breeding. We are almost too exact about EU standards. But from the very beginning Finns have been anti-social and that’s why we have a zero procent of teamwork in our genes (this was a joke… I think). All those events that I have been in Estonia I have felt the power of collaboration with different directions and the team spirit for cheering and encouraging other rides! If we should learn something it would be about working with other equestrians and supporting those who ain’t yet so perfect.

So or not, Tallinn International Horse Show among all the other shows is a great place to meet new people with same interests. It’s never a bad thing to increase contacts and give also a shot for new opinions! This is a time to expand your world of equestrian sports!


Tämä artikkeli julkaistiin Eesti Päevaleht TIHS2016 -julkaisussa, jota jaetaan mm. viikonlopun aikana Saku Suurhallilla. / This article was published in Eesti Päevaleht’s TIHS2016 -edition.



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