TIHS2015: Come together!

IT WAS YEAR 2008. I have been in a riding accident and suffered bad back injury and I had to stop my active riding. A friend of mine asked me, if I would like to come with them to Tallinn International Horse Show. I thought ”why not”, because I never had been there and I needed something to cheer me up. Our own Helsinki International Horse Show was already every year’s usual routine, so it was nice to have a new experience. I never guessed how big and important event Tallinn Horse Show would become to me!

Finnish and Estonian people are quite similar in many ways, also in equestrian sports. Of course we all do our things differently and with own style, but one thing always connects us. We all have a passion for horses. I have been training with riders for several years by my job. I have noticed, how extremely precious team work and team spirit are in riding. If you are monitoring every step that your co-rider makes, you will finally be bitter, jealous and malicious. In the end, riding is for team players!

This is just an amazing opportunity for all riders, because we should come together. This is a point to show what it is all about. Team work, friends and passion for equestrian sports!

Tallinn Horse Show has became one of the significant events of the year. During the years, I have created friendships with Estonian riders and trainers, so it’s like I would be coming home! When summer is over and the autumn starts to fall down, we luckily have great saving grace! The athmosphere in Saku Suurhall is just so warm and friendly. Everyone is there for one reason – to see talented horses and the Europe’s best riders. When you are experiencing TIHS, you really can feel how into our hearts are in this event.

There is so many reasons, why we come every year from Finland to visit Tallinn Horse Show. We come to meet our friends and enjoy the good sport. We want to feel that unique feeling that Tallinn Horse Show gives. Everything is just in their right places; the quality, prices and location. In these days, you need to connect to other people. What would be more better chance than this? Be proud of you enthusiasm for riding. Tallinn International Horse Show brings all of us equestrians together!




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